Kiva Update March 2019

Welcome to this month month’s Kiva update. We use Kiva as the tool for our charitable giving, as I believe that impact of micro-loans to entrepreneurs has a massive benefit to disadvantaged communities.

If you’d like to understand Kiva a little better, read this article from Forbes.

There is also additional information on microfinance at the Institute of Microfinance Research.

Current loan review

I let my Kiva lending slip a little bit but did manage to make two new loans during the month. There is currently have $155 in outstanding loans, across 23 countries. I am making a conscious effort to expand the number of countries that I lend to and to increase the total value of current outstanding loans. As can be seen from the graph below, there are a lot of countries that could do with some love!

Likewise, the number of loans I have made has been steadily increasing. There were limited additional loans made during 2018 as I restructured my other finances. The aim is to add one or two new loans per month of around $25 each, depending on the amount of loan repayments I receive.

Repayment schedule

New Loans

At the end of March, I made two new loans. As is my preference, I lent to individuals and to people who need capital to expand their businesses. I don’t like lending to larger groups as I feel it takes away the personal responsibility for the loan nor do I lend for personal expenditure. The loan I have highlighted below met these criteria; an individual who needs capital to expand his business.

Camilo Andre

Camilo, at 28 years old, has dedicated himself to working as a mechanic for several years. He has had his own workshop for a year, where he has applied all of his knowledge. He lives in the town of Cañasgordas and is single. The client is an active and vigorous man, and has an enterprising spirit that has led him to achieve the goals that he sets.

He wants to provide a more flexible and timely service, which will result in an increase in customers and the profits that he receives for doing his work. He tried to get a loan funded through Kiva but unfortunately it expired. So, he hopes this time he can find people who believe in him. 

He’s asking for a loan to buy motorcycle parts to improve his business. 

James Scott

James Scott is a personal finance expert with over 20 years experience. He believe that money should not be stressful. By using the Stress Free Money pyramid it helps everyone achieve their financial dreams.

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