June Net Wealth Reports

Welcome to the June net wealth report update, where I curate some of the best reports from around the blogger sphere. This month we’ve seen a big increase in people’s net wealth, as the stock market rebounds. Investing portfolio’s continue to be dominated by Peer to Peer lending and broad market ETFs.

Net worth reports take many different forms. Some bloggers show how much they’ve got, some only how much alternative income they generate and how much they spend, while others show the lot. Net worth reports just prove there are many different ways to approach FIRE, investing and saving money. The selection below show up all types.

Net worthAlways one of my fav reads. Good to see the market recovering nicely.
Mr Tako EscapesIncome and ExpensesAll time high on the dividend income. Wow!
Wonder why Mr Tako doesn't have a cooking blog as well?
Debt SucksNet wealthGone silent this month. 🙁
Route to FINet worth.
Income and expenses update here.
$200,000 (almost) and counting. The saving rate of 78% is insane!
Passive incomeAppears everyone is late posting this month - including me!
Portfolio incomeDidn't have an update this month. 🙁
Passive incomeThe private investment intrigues me (as does the solar!). Let the light shine.
Investment income$800 short of $900,000. Almost there!

Passive IncomeI like this one - written like a press release so adds a different spin on things.

Investment IncomePortfolio rebounds back.

Passive IncomeBert's dividend update. I wouldn't be to upset with a 38% YoY increase in dividends!

Passive IncomeOver E2,000 in passive income for the month. Well done! Good chart of passive income bloggers.

The LotJob quitting time!

Investment incomeParabolic increase in passive income.

ExpensesNo spend June

The LotThe passive / expenses cross is getting closer each month!
Journey to Financial IndependenceJourney to Financial IndependenceInvestmentsSome good returns on investments for the month.

NetworthWoo Hoo! Positive net asset time - celebration!

NetworthGood mix of passive income. Interesting to see the types of property investments available around the world.

Expenses6 month buy nothing challenge Done!
Passive income update here.

The LotI really love reading Retire by 40. Life goals and everything included.

Income and expensesFIRE'd. Love to see people still reinvesting even after they "retire".
NetworthWhile there was a little dip in June, the trend is still parabolic.

Investment incomePublishes quarterly updates.
Passive Income / side hustleThis guy took (in my view) a massive change a little while ago, packed in the law career, and lives on side hustle income. PS - love the new site look as well.

How to live on $1,650 per month in Seattle.OK - not strictly a monthly update, but I loved the analysis anyway!

And here is a great 1 year anniversary blogging update. Well done!
Moomin ValleyInvestmentsAustralian - not wiely known but I love his stuff.
NetworthA proper Geeky update.

I’ve been reading net wealth report and income reports for as long as I can remember. I’ve been following some of the biggest, such as Financial Samurai, for years. Others, I bump into from time to time. If you’d like you site added to my list please, please drop me a note. I’m always fascinated about how other people generate, spend and invest their money.

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James Scott is a personal finance expert with over 20 years experience. He believe that money should not be stressful. By using the Stress Free Money pyramid it helps everyone achieve their financial dreams.

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