April Wealth Reports

I’ve been reading net wealth report and income reports for as long as I can remember. I’ve been following some of the biggest, such as Financial Samurai for years. Others, i jump bump into from time to time. If you’d like you site added to my list please, please drop me a note. I’m always fascinated about how other people generate, spend and invest their money.

Net wealth reports take many different forms. Some writers only show hos much they’ve got, some only how much alternative income they generate and how much they spend. The Smith Money approach is to detail our entire approach – our income, expenses and our net wealth. Also, very importantly to us is out giving. Each month we up date our Kiva lending, where we document who we lend to and why.

SiteLatest ReportTypeComment
Budgets are SexyNet wealthBeen reading J Money for years. Writes about his net worth. Almost at $1million!
Mr Tako EscapesApril 2019 Dividend and Income reportIncome and ExpensesDividend income analysis (and great food. yum!)
Moomin ValleyApril 2019 reportNet wealthNot the most popular net wealth site, but I've been following Moomin Valley for over 10 years and he's one of my fav reads. Great analysis.
Debt SucksEnd of April SummaryNet wealthSimple analysis. Enjoyable read.
Poorer than YouNet Worth Update: April 2019Net wealthI Love Stephonee's monthly updates of her net worth and there is a net little graph as well.
Personal finance historyApril Net wealth reportNet wealth / Income and expensesSee how Smith Money spends money, makes money and our net wealth.
Financial IndependenceApril 2019 updateNet wealthThe writer is European and hence had a different investment portfolio.
Accumulating MoneyApril 2019 Net WorthNet wealthI've only recently started following, but has good data going right back to 2006.
ESI MoneyRetirement update 2.75 yearsRetirementCountdown to retirement. Includes lifestyle as well as financial information.

James Scott

James Scott is a personal finance expert with over 20 years experience. He believe that money should not be stressful. By using the Stress Free Money pyramid it helps everyone achieve their financial dreams.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi $mith Money, thanks a lot for including my site to the list. My portfolio is a combination of the USA SP500, Small Cap, Emerging market and some european stocks in equal proportion.

    If I would be brave enough, I would invest everything in S&P500, as this is clearly historical leader.

    Would it be possible to rename the site from niterainbow.com to the Financial Independence?

    • Jim Smith says:

      Hi – I think having a mix portfolio is way more beneficial to you than an all in bet on the S&P500. Things go in cycles and one day this cycle will change.

      Name change 🙂

  1. May 31, 2019

    […] wealth reports. I also love reading other people’s stories – to read some of the best, GO HERE! AND finally, if you want to follow my net wealth, check me out on Networth […]

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