Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most asked questions about Smith Money.

Have you really been tracking your expenses for 20 years?


Not quite every cent. There was as data meltdown in 2013 that caused a few issues and every now and then cash expenses for missing. I am in the process of rebuilding those numbers. But other than that I have every piece of data for 20 years.

How much have you earned over that time?

In excess of $4 million. That includes combined incomes for everyone in the family. I’ve also paid over $1.5 million in taxes and saved a heck of a lot.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands on food and probably just as much on beer. Owned a few houses and lots of stocks and bonds.

Wow, you must be worth a lot

Not really. Got divorced in 2011, which was painful both emotionally and financially. Got married again in 2016 and its made the me luckiest and happiest man alive.

So what do you do with all those numbers?

I get to do my favorite past time – track numbers, look at trends and make pretty little graphs. Some of which I put up on this site. This allows us to see where our money goes and plan for where we think it will go in the future.

Any why do you write about personal finance?

I do actually pass the bridge every day on the way to work.

Cause I love it. I’m an accountant by training, hence why you see lots of pretty graphs and tables and data analysis and I love looking at numbers.

When I’m not writing about personal finance and the things I’ve learned, I can be found running, swimming and cycling or chasing after my kids (who I affectionately call cost centers #1 to #4).

Isn’t it a bit mean to call them cost centers?

Have you got kids? Don’t get me wrong, I am the luckiest man alive. I have a loving family, a beautiful home and the best wife in the whole world. But this is a financial publication and kids cost. A lot.