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Personal Finance

Personal finance includes all aspects of money, investing and finance.

Understanding financial literacy is vital to personal finance and to achieving Stress Free Money. At Smith Money we produce many posts on financial literacy and financial education, so that you are informed.

Is also includes personal finance data, used to better understand our cash flows and to control our spending. We use personal finance data to identify areas where we can save costs and to be able to forecast our future spending.

Stress Free Money Pyramid

Stress Free Money

Why do we have so many money worries? Why does it cause so much stress in so many peoples lives? Money should be stress free. So, what are some simply ways we can achieve...

Visualization of our cash flows

I was inspired by this post on how Americans spend their money, using data from the BLS consumer expenditure surveys. I thought that they were really cool graphics and was curious as to how...

Why you should work on your career

With all the spare time I now have, being redundant and all, I have had plenty of time to read personal finance and FIRE blogs. There is some very interesting articles out there (and...