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Investing generates passive income and is an vital component of the Stress Free Money Pyramid. It covers a range of asset classes including fixed income, shares, real estate and alternatives.

Learning about investing helps you understand your options and the different types of investment products. Under the Smith Money Stress Free Pyramid, you deploy surplus cash flow to generate more passive income. Passive income helps fund your retirement lifestyle.

Sub-categories includes fixed income (bonds, bank accounts, hybrids), Shares and stocks and real estate (residential, commercial and industrial). It also includes different different ways of obtaining exposure to various asset classes, including direct, ETFs and managed funds.

What’s a hybrid security?

Hybrid securities are quite a common way for Australian retail investors to invest in a fixed income style investment. They offer a high coupon that are usually tax efficint. Retail hybrids are also often...

Housing Price Redux

House price data has always been a bit of an issue in Australia. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great site like Zillow to provide good house price data. Our local equivalents, Domain and

What is spread?

In this series of posts I am going to cover some of the basics of financial literacy, the first of which is “what is spread?”. While basic, its also critical to understand, as it...