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A long, long time ago, back before Google existed, tech stock were booming (1st time round) and Clinton was still president, I recorded my first expenditure in Quicken. Since that day, I have been recording every financial transaction, be it as big as buying a home or as small as spending 50c at the corner store.

G’day and Welcome. My name is Jim Smith and this is the story of those 20-odd years of personal finance history. I am a chartered accountant and I live in Sydney Australia and work in financial services. Our family consists of Mrs Smith and our 4 children; cost centers #1 through #4.

I have been reading financial blogs and websites for almost as long as the internet has been around. I find reading other peoples stories fascinating and I hope that you find my story interesting too. On this site, I share our ongoing process of build our wealth, bring up our kids
I’ve even started my own blogs once (or twice) before, but never really devoted the time to do it properly. With 20 years of data, there are a lot of learnings I get out off those numbers and thats what we share with you.

What you won’t find is any help on side-hustles, building a blog to make a million or how I “frugalled my way to quitting my corporate job”. The internet is saturated with affliliate-linked, help you to retire early sites – that’s just not me. What you will find is my journey, through financial highs and lows. Follow along and hopefully you might learn something from my mistakes.