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Afterpay pros and cons

Afterpay pros and cons

Afterpay exploded onto the Australian financial payments system several years ago. Aimed primarily at millennial consumers, it allows buyers to […]

Investing with Spaceship Voyager

Highlights Positives – dirt cheap way of accessing a portfolio of Australian and overseas shares. The index portfolio is a […]


FI/RE movement

Why did the FI/RE movement arise?

Have you ever stopped and thought why the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FI/RE movement) arose so quickly. Especially after the […]


Kiva Update March 2019

Welcome to this month month’s Kiva update. We use Kiva as the tool for our charitable giving, as I believe […]


What’s a hybrid security?

Hybrid securities are quite a common way for Australian retail investors to invest in a fixed income style investment. They […]

Housing Price Redux

House price data has always been a bit of an issue in Australia. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great site […]


Stress Free Money Pyramid

Stress Free Money

Why do we have so many money worries? Why does it cause so much stress in so many peoples lives? […]